Chemin de la liberté July 2015 - The Freedom trail

This was our largest trip yet with 22 people including the DA leader with the youngest
 member being 15 and the oldest 76! We stared off at the Libert museum in
St Girons - always a pleasure to visit, especially when Paul Broue or Scott Goodhall
can attend. This years memorial trek had been a success with wall to wall sunshine
and we were hoping for the same. It was great to see DA leader Tel again who had decided to
come on the trip for the second time.

Walking to Aunac proved pleasant and it was Vicki's birthday so we bought her a cake 
to celebrate. The next day was Subera and we had a buffet lunch at the col de core before making the final2.5 hrs in rain to camp. Pasta salad was a winner at the col before the evening dehydrated meals.

Next day we took an early start at 7.15am for the crash site. Everyone was moving at a steady pace.
We didn't stop as long as we would like at the Halifax bomber site due to the weather
. As usual just sitting for a moment in silence and remembering with sadness the crew gives a moment of
detatchment from the walking and time to think of those who lost their lives.

Craberous beckoned and we moved up onto looser ground as one chain, keeping closer together to avoid the chance of loose
 rocks gathering momentum... All put on full water proofs before we went over the top and descended to Espugues.
It wa


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