Lee Ranson & Nigel Bell CDLL July 4-9 2014

Louis Barrau memorial
The weekend before kickoff we have a strained knee and tonsillitis in the party and a possible call off till another time. As Rich and I move down from our reccy to Estagnous to check the snow levels we are feeling a little deflated and hope that the trip will go ahead. Lee, Craig and their lads however do arrive for a paired down programme - 1.5 easy walking days La Soumiere and several requests for mullti activity fun afterwards. In fine spirits we set off from the Chateau de Beauregarde in St Girons to begin the trek with a gentle 3 hour walk to Aunac - we play name the country going through the alphabet and Craig and Lee quizz us on old war films. 

We left the team to have a meal with wildflowers and fresh local produce.

We camped at Etang d'Eychelle the next night - a bad weather alternative to the Subera. Amelie braved it out well but there were a few squeals on the way down as the weather certainly had a stormy and wet feel. We then dived back to Chez Arran to relax after the storm and plan lots more watery activities for Craig, Nigel and the boys and a day to visit Spain for Nigel. 

Next day glorious sunshine brings on canyonning, a walk to Spain deom Soulcem for Nigel and white water rafting for Lee, Craig and the lads. We are back at Chezarran watching the world cup game Brazil  - Germany with interest and bets on the final score. Germany are very much in control and offer no slack to Brazil who flounder under the pressure and suffer a 7 / 1 defeat. 

Then it was over to Spain with Nigel - in glorious sunshine via the porte de bouet. How cruel mountain weather can be...and then how kind. We decided to relive an old cathar crossing near etang de soulcem, conveniently starting high and to see some stunning lakes along the way. Griffin vultures glided effortlessly - possibly eying us up as a potential snack.

But will we all remember that epic footy match the most???


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